TRADITION. A family. Four Generations.

Coreysa has the flavor of more than a century of experience in the oil industry passed down from Daniel Espuny Aleixendri. In 1917 he founded the olive oil factory which at present is regarded as one of the most traditional in Spain. In the XIXth Century Mr. Espuny's family owned oil mills in Catalonia, northern Spain. Guided by his enterprising personality, he worked at several different locations, until he arrived in Andalusia, where he settled, and with the help of his brothers built a lasting productive and commercial network between Catalonia and Andalusia. After his death in 1942, his work was continued by sons Daniel and Joaquin, who kept the family business tradition, which today is maintained by one of the founder's grandchildren: Joaquin Espuny, assisted by his children. To date, four generations of the Espuny family have been dedicated to olive and vegetables oils.




In the very heart of Andalucia, where rich soil and olive trees join together in Osuna, Seville, is the factory where over 200.000 kilos of olive oil are refined daily and more than 30 million liters are bottled per year. This privileged region not only yields the finest quality of olives, but also is an excellent location for distributing the final product. The experience of almost 100 years producing oil, as well as the traditional handcrafted manner applied throughout the process, results in an end product of quality and prestige.  




CoreysaCoreysa makes sure its activities are consistent at all times with the vision it has created to guide its steps into the future.

MISIÓNMISSION: To refine, bottle and trade the best edible olive oils, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Pomace oil, Sunflower and other seeds oils..

VISIÓN: VISION: To be one leader in the national and international edible oils sector.


  • Quality
  • Customer Marketing
  • Excellence in all working process.
  • Integrity and Responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Environmental friendly

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The quality and our clients satisfaction have always been at the center of our policy. We are determined to mantain an optim relationship with our clients and to provide them with products and service of an irreproachable quality.Our Quality Control department's compromise towards quality do not circunscribe solely to the oils, it also constitutes the basis of the relationships with our employees, clients, collaborators and suppliers.Through our HAPPC control, all raw materials, as well as the processed and finished foods are subject to quality controls, also ensuring their traceability at all time through IT solutions. That is why COREYSA has obtained Quality and Food Safety certifications base don the IFS and BRC standards protocols. These certifications are the result of our Company "good practice", good performance in manufacturing and marketing high quality products for decades in compliance with International Food Safety Standards.

Continuing with COREYSA´s prime quality policy, our quality Management systems have been certified in compliance with IFS and BRC highest standards which are worldwide recognized in the Food Industry assuming an efficient quality monitoring throughour the production process.


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We have also obtained the Ecologic Certification which confirms all our Virgin Olive Oils have been produced 100% by means of ecologic agriculture with, no using any pesticide nor plaguicide. We select organoleptically the coupages more fruity and balanced, committing to the quality of our products.



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We recently obtained the Kosher Certificate. This means that all our products have been manufactured in compliance with the precepts of the Jewish religion. The certificate obtained is issued by the Orthodox Union, the most demanding organization in the world and controlled by a rabbi who oversees the productions.


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Coreysa has its own Laboratory for Quality Control, from where it analyses all the process stages, ensuring the quality of the final products. One of Coreysa's key to succes is its continuing aim at Investigation, Development and Innovation, applied to its products and the productive system, this way positioning itself as one of the most modern and avant garde on its sector. 


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As a result of this determination, investigation on High Oleic Sunflower oil was carried out to great success. It is a Non Transgenic hybrid sunflower seed, whose acid oil components are similar to those of the ones in Olive Oil. Especially indicated for frying, due to its high stability, it is commercialized under brand ALTO CAPICUA FOR FRYING.

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