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Our extra virgin olive oil “CORTIJO DE GOBANTES EDICIÓN LIMITADA “is pure olive juice, cold pressed to retain its aroma and properties. We bottle it directly after a short period of decanting even avoiding filtration, keeping it under an inert atmosphere to ensure it conserves all its qualities for consumption.

It is obtained 100% from the Hojiblanca olive variety, so the fruity and bitter is very balanced and its fruitness is very district, which has hints of freshly cut grass and fruits like apple, melon, etc.

We control the process of the olive harvest (which is done manually) and the time of transfer to the mill in order that the olives can be ground in a period of less than 4 - 5 hours from collection, avoiding mechanical processes to preserve the olive tradition of our company. Once pure olive juice is milled, it is decanted no more than one week to retain all its intact qualities after packaging.





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