pet bodegon


We offer a wide range of formats both in pet and crystal with non-refillable cover:

      - Crystal format:

Marasca Bottle : 250 ml, 500 ml y 750 ml.

Dorica Bottle : 250 ml.

Frasca: 500 ml.

     -  Format pet:

        Bertoli Bottle:  250 ml, 500 ml y 750 ml.

They all use extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, ensuring the same product throughout the year, except the limited edition bottle which is only sold during the first months of the harvest.

We have diversified different bottles to use in the convoys and for use on the table, in this way we respond to most requests which have been received by the professional caterers.


Available package (click to enlarge image): 
marascadoricabertollifrasca 500mlfrasca 500ml

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