CAPIFRIT "especial frying"
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CAPIFRIT is made by mixing two best frying oils, Pomace olive oil and high oleic oil 80%.

Because of its high oleic acid content, light taste and olive pomace oil color, it manages to convey all the benefits of olive oil to fried food but doesn’t add any flavor and it’s more resistant.

It is especially suitable for kitchens which are more dedicated to frying. With its value for money, we can say that it is one of the most profitable oil of all the "Special for frying" oils.

It is one of the only products on the market that are special for frying, that clearly states its ingredients. Its color is green like light olive oil and does not curdle in winter. Surely this is an advantage for the professional, as it ensures you to work with the same ingredients and therefore with the same final product throughout the year.

Its performance in frying is remarkable for its high content of oleic acid, which ensures a high performance and greater resistance to high temperatures. 

- Resists extremely well high temperatures (three times more than conventional sunflower oil and seeds oil).
- Does not have foam or bad smells
- Drier and crispy products.
- It consumes less oil for frying.
- Volume does not rise.


Available package (click to enlarge image): 
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 pet1L pet1L
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