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The new High Performance Oil "CAPI plus" Premium has been created to offer to the market a product with the same performance as a High Oleic 75% but at a lower price.

THE composition of "CAPI plus" Premium has as base the standard sunflower oil. After R + D +I, we have achieved a reducction of acidity by 50%, as well as the proportion of defoamer. Also, we have increased the quantity of "Tocobiolplus". (composed by antioxidant vitamins).

Comparing it with standard sunflower oil, its performance during frying would have +100% of durability. This makes it more profitable (from the economic point of view) because it’s possible to increase the times of use.

Because of its low acidity, and its high content of Vitamins E &C, as well as defoamer, “CAPI plus” Premium offers more professional, drier, and crunchier fried food; no mixing of flavors, it withstands better high temperatures and avoids foams.






Available package (click to enlarge image): 
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