The olive-pomace oil "CAPICUA", market leader in its segment, is characterized by its quality, since in its production uses products of the highest quality.

Considered one of the best frying oils and as it comes from 100% of the olive, it contains all the attributes of olive oil; resistance to high temperatures, the way to brown the fried, etc.

For the composition of the olive-pomace oil "CAPICUA", our tasters select an extra virgin olive oil with a lot of fruity, colour and flavour using it in a high percentage of its mixture and giving it a characteristic soft flavour and colour green, and which with the high content of oleic acid, constitute one of the best oils for frying.

It is an oil widely used in churrerías, catering and collectivities, which shows its great behavior in the face of continued exposure to high temperatures. It does not mix flavours, or smoke or bad smells.



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