High Performance Frying
"special frying"

Coreysa, in an effort to provide the market with the best products " especial fritura " , has developed Capifrit and Cosevifrit, which are based primarily on pomace olive oil and their performance are very similar to olive oil in frying.

We have developed two different lines in order to cover most of the requirements of each of our clients, and we adapt each product to a different resistant level, one contains a significant proportion of high oleic 80% and the other contains normal sunflower oil.

These products are available both in the format 10 and 25 liters tin and 5, 10 and 25 liters plastic, which meets the different needs of different types of business. With these products, the fritters are golden, dry and crisp.



capifrit fritura   ____    
cosevifrit fritura


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