capifrit fritura g

This new product is launched due to a large demand from our customers who are engaged in fritter and potato frying. This oil has a high performance and does not transmit flavor to the fried food and makes the food crisper, dry and golden.

We managed to reduce the acidity of sunflower oil by more than 50%, which makes the oil darken much slower. What’s more, a well-studied quantity of vitamin E and C, give the fried product a perfect balance between more endurance to high temperature and avoidance of oil absorption.

The product has been developed by following the needs and advice of professionals who have extensive frying experiences. We believe that with our new CapiPlus professional, we are ready to offer the ideal oil for this specific usage.

Its resistance is superior, which is more than twice sunflower oil, and even surpass 75% of the stability of High Oleic oil.




Available package (click to enlarge image): 
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