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Our PREMIUM CapiPlus oil has been created to offer to the market a product with the same performance as a High Oleic 75% but at a lower price

 The composition of CapiPlus PREMIUM is based in a mix of standard sunflower oil and high oleic sunflower oil. After an R + D + I development, we have managed to reduce its acidity by 50% and we have added an adequate proportion of antioxidants and antifoam.

 Compared with a standard sunflower oil, its frying performance would be 100% longer, which undoubtedly makes it very profitable from the economic point of view by the increase in frying hours.

 Due to its acidity, high content of vitamins E and C as well as antifoam, PREMIUM CapiPlus offers a very professional frying, drier and crunchy fried products, it does not mix flavors, resists temperatures better and does not foam.







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