HIGH OLEIC "Capicúa Gold"

Especially designed for the Food Service Professionals to offer the best product in the frying market with the top levels of profitabulity and health, we have just launched to the market: Capicua Gold.


  1. High Oleic sunflower oil with a minimum of 80% oleic acid. Very healthy frying due to its high content in Omega 9, crispy and golden fries with superior oil drain-off.
  2. The lowest acidity in the market, less than 0,1º, meaning longer fry-life and less oil darkening.
  3. Vitamins E+C content to improve the oil drain-off and the resistance to temperature changes.

The best option for:

  1. Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc... due to its healthy content composed by monounsaturated fats.
  2. Food Service professionals with very high frying volume.
  3. Food businesses where the frying oil is subjected to many temperature changes (it supports very well the temperature changes).
  4. Food businesses that cares about the final frying outcome.
  5. Food businesses  promoting a healthy frying.
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