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This oil reaches the market to give a solution to the problems of rancidity in the processed product, as well as to replace saturated fats such as palm oil with an oil with a high content of oleic acid (minimum 80-85%) monounsaturated.

Its use can be both for the dough that is then baked, as well as for all kinds of frying, providing a texture and softness differentiating the finished product.


Its main features are:

• Lower acidity.

• Does not contain additives or defoamers.

• Obtained by pressure.

• Higher oleic acid content of the market, 85%.

• Packed in inert atmosphere (Nitrogen)

• Very low peroxide level.

• Does not foam when frying.

• Fry much drier and crunchier.

• It extends the useful life of the finished product.



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